Lead Free Solid Wire is available in the following alloys; Sac305, Sn100, Sn95Ag5, Sn95Sb5, Sn96Ag4, Sn97Cu3.

Lead free solder is a green option compared to leaded solders. Components made with these solders can be recycled and comply with many industry regulations. These alloys provide strong, reliable joints, especially for surface mounted components.

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Product Specification

AlloysSn95Ag5, Sn95Sb5, Sac305, Sn96Ag4, Sn97Cu3, Sn100
Diameters.032-.250, **special diameters available upon request**
CoresRosin, Acid, OA, NCCW
Spool Size1#, 5#, 25#


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