What We Do.

Amerway is a full line manufacturer of guaranteed 99.99% pure solder.

Highest Grade Virgin Metals

Amerway’s Electrolytic Grade AAAA Solder is manufactured from only the highest grade virgin metals available to the market. Amerway Grade AAAA bar contains no secondary or recycled metals.  We guarantee it to be 99.99% pure solder.

Modern Solder Manufacturing Facility

All of Amerway’s products are alloyed and produced in a modern ultra-clean solder manufacturing facility. Each and every lot of material is analyzed and statistically monitored to insure the final product meets or exceeds the customer’s specifications.

Our Solder Manufacturing Process

The following is a summary of the step by step procedures used by Amerway to alloy, analyze and statistically monitor each production lot of Amerway solder.


Upon receipt of incoming metal a receiver number is assigned to the material. Every shipment of tin and lead received is analyzed to verify agreement with the supplier’s certificate of analysis. Drillings are taken from 10 different randomly selected ingots. These drillings are then remelted and tested on our state of the art spectrograph.

When alloying the metal into solder, a lot history is initiated and utilized in identifying the components and weights used to form the lot, (sometimes referred to as the charge). The history of every lot can thereby be traced to the origination of all the materials from which it was created.


After the metal has been melted and mixed, an initial pot sample of the lot is then taken for analysis. The sample is prepared on a lathe, then analyzed three times on the spectrograph. This insures there is no separation within the sample. The results are then averaged automatically by the PC which is an integral part of the Spectrolab. The results are then compared to the customer’s specifications and the software program is set up to automatically identify any elements that are not within the specifications.

This same process is performed two more times as the pot is being cast into product. In doing this, we are able to monitor any changes within the lot during the casting process. This is all part of our in process statistical control.


After all of the metal has been cast into product, the results of all of the analytical tests (9 of them) are stored in the Spectrolab statistical data control program.

As you can see, the quality and consistency of Amerway’s solder is very closely monitored. The bottom line is that the customer can be sure every lot of material is exactly what the certificate of analysis (which accompanies each shipment) indicates.

Spectrolab Spectrograph

The Spectrolab Spectrograph is the latest in state of the art analytical equipment, and the results are quick and very accurate.  The original calibration of the Spectrograph was done by using internationally recognized standards. The internal calibration is done on a daily basis and the standards utilized are NBS (National Bureau of Standards) traceable. In addition, we are approved by the United States military with QPL (Quality Product Listing) on all of our bar solder.

  •  State of the art analytical equipment.
  • Internationally recognized standards.
  • NBS (National Bureau of Standards) traceable.
  • Approved by the United States military.

Amerway Advantages

Why pay more for your solder requirements when Amerway can ship you a higher quality solder at a competitive price?

  1. A Certificate of Analysis and/or Compliance is sent with every shipment of material.
  2. We offer a very accurate and efficient solder pot analysis program free of charge with qualifying purchase.
  3. Our products, price and delivery are always consistent and competitive.

Why pay more for your solder requirements when Amerway can ship you a higher quality solder at a competitive price?