Certificate of Analysis.

Our solder pot analysis program monitors 17 elements and a Certificate of Analysis is provided with each shipment.

A FREE Analysis with Every Purchase

Amerway offers one free analysis, with every purchase to help you monitor pot contamination. We want you to know when your pot needs changed.

Fast Service

Results are faxed/emailed within days of receiving your sample. Additional analysis are available for a fee.

Solder Pot Analysis Program

Periodic solder pot analysis is recommended to maintain solder pot integrity and to check for any contaminants that may have an effect on quality and solderability issues. Our state of the art Spectomaxx machine determines the level of solder impurities and tin level that helps identify any process or solder joint problems.

Amerway provides solder pot analysis for the following elements:

Tin (Sn), Lead (Pb), Antimony (Sb), Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Bismuth (Bi), Arsenic (As), Zinc (Zn), Indium (In), Aluminium (Al), Iron (Fe), Cadmium (Cd), Cobalt (Co), Gold (Au), Phosphorus (P) and Sulfur (S).


  • Atomic absorption as test method
  • Fast service
  • Machine calibrated using known standard for each analysis

Spectro Analysis

All samples are analyzed using the Spectromaxx spectroanalysis machine. It is the latest technology available in analyzing tin/lead solders and lead free solders, thereby insuring our products meet your specifications. This state of the art machine is carefully calibrated daily using the most advanced techniques and measurements.

Our highly trained quality technicians use this technology to monitor solder pot contamination, to identify any quality issues, and to ensure that you get the highest quality product, each and every time you order from us.

To learn more about this technology call us at 1-800-329-6337 or via email at sales@amerway.com.

For more information regarding our Solder Pot Analysis program, simply contact your Amerway customer service representative at 800-829-6337.