Leading Global Solder & Flux Manufacturer

Amerway is a leading global solder and flux manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality products to service the stained glass, industrial and electronic industries. Our product line includes:

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A Different Service Approach

Amerway Inc. is a family owned American company with more than 50 years of experience. We maintain a staff of highly motivated professionals dedicated to providing superior quality products. Thanks to our size and philosophy, we maintain a leaner operation with shorter production times and lower overhead. This allows us to deliver quality products with faster turnaround at the most competitive pricing.

Faster Product Turnaround

Many products have 24 hour shipping allowing you to take advantage of just in time inventory, lowering your cost and improving your cash flow. Emergency windows are scheduled in our production timetable to react to those customers who may have rush orders.

As a factory direct supplier, we can also tailor the product to your individual needs, making us the superior choice for all of your solder and flux needs.

In-House Expert Staff

Amerway maintains an on-staff metallurgist and a certified chemist to ensure cutting-edge technical assistance. Our team of highly-trained and knowledgeable engineers is equipped and empowered to deliver creative, expert solder and flux solutions. This investment in expertise allows us to outperform our competition and supply the highest quality service and solder and flux products in the industry!

Our Guarantee

Through proprietary refining techniques, Amerway Inc. produces the finest solder in the world.  We supply precisely what you need when you need it.  With our personal service, you are sure to receive a product whose production process is continually monitored, tested and analyzed to provide you with the consistency, efficiency, repeatability and quality without peer.  Only the highest quality Grade A Virgin Metals are engineered to your exact specifications and done so by professionals combining more than fifty years experience in the industry.

Certificate of Analysis:  Our solder pot analysis program monitors 17 elements and a Certificate of Analysis is provided with each shipment.

Made in the USA

Quality service. Quality products.

American Ownership

Family owned and operated.

Highest Quality

Providing the best quality to be found anywhere in the electronics industry GUARANTEED!

ISO 9001 Certificate can be found here.