The Benefits.

Discover the benefits of being an Amerway customer!


99.99% Pure, Certificate of Analysis, Guaranteed Virgin Metals

Virgin Metals

No recycled solder loaded with unwanted contaminants. Certificate of Analysis is our guarantee that you are getting the purist metal available.

99.99% AAAA

The quality of high purity means, Longer pot life, Less dross, Less defects..


Satisfaction guaranteed or we will refund your money upon return of the material.

Mil. Spec

Listed on the government QPL as an approved vendor.

Flexible Production

Emergency windows are built in to our production schedule to react to those customers who may require rush orders.


We offer competitive pricing because we do not have to support a large corporate staff. Lower cost means a more efficient operation that can remain competitive in economic down turns.

Free Solder Pot Analysis

With qualifying purchase. Why pay $150 or more per sample when we will fax the results to you within 24 hours of receiving your sample. We want you to know when your contaminants have reached a dangerous level.

Dross Recovery

We are Certified by the Department of Environmental Resources to handle your solder dross/scrap in our state of the art reclamation department.

Our Clients

Why pay more for your solder requirements when Amerway can ship you a higher quality solder at a competitive price?