Lead Free Core Wire is available in the following alloys; Sac305, Sn100, Sn95Ag5, Sn95Sb5, Sn96Ag4, Sn97Cu3.

Lead free cored solder wire is a safer option for both employees and the environment. These alloys have a higher melting point and are used primarily for the electronics and plumbing industries. We offer a variety of fluxes suitable for all applications.

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Product Specification

AlloysSn95Ag5, Sn95Sb5, Sac305, Sn96Ag4, Sn97Cu3, Sn100
Diameters.032-.250, **special diameters available upon request**
CoresRosin, Acid, OA, NCCW
Spool Size1#, 5#, 25#


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