Leaded Extruded Bar is available in the following alloys; Sn30/PB70, Sn40/PB60, Sn50/Pb50, Sn60/Pb40, Sn63Pb37.

Tin/Lead solder bars are soft solder that typically have a melting point range of 90 to 450 deg C(190-840 deg F). They are used for a variety of applications including copper drain piping, tin plating, seaming joints and sheet metal, wave machines, fountain and dip soldering.

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Product Specification

AlloysSn63Pb37, Sn60Pb40, Sn50Pb50, Sn30Pb70, Sn40Pb60
Sizes1#, 2#, 1/2#, 1/4#, 1/4”, 5/16”x5/16”, **additional sizes available upon request**


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