Buying Direct.

Five advantages to buying direct from the manufacturer.

The best price.

Buying our product directly from us, allows us to be very competitive with our pricing.

Custom fabrication and quantity options.

We can manufacture your material exactly the way you want it, in the exact amount you need.

Dealing with a company that can help should any issues arise.

Each customer has a dedicated account representative that handles each transaction step by step. If you were to have a problem at any time, there is always someone there to help you.

Get your product more quickly.

In stock items may ship as soon as the same or next day. We also build windows in our production schedule to be able to accommodate rush orders.

We can help you make the right purchase.

Our Knowledgeable staff is able to help answer questions, make recommendations and provide any literature/information needed to help you choose the right product for you.

For more information about our manufactured direct services, please contact your Amerway customer service representative at 800-829-6337.